Wednesday, 1 July 2015

10000 Videos Learning IELTS

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This is an application for learning and practice IELTS by videos, more than 10.000 videos and 300 popular playlists which are classified orderly for common topics in IELTS such as:
1. Practice skills in IELTS for listenning, speaking, writing, reading.
2. For learning vocabulary, grammar, tutorials.
3. Learning tips, techniques, experience from teachers and students who got high score in IELTS examination.
4. Practice with tests, exams for different band levels.In addition, the application also provides some features:
- Taking notes videos learned, and review it again in Note screen, share notes to your friends.
- Add favorite playlists.
- Search videos and playlists.

>>>>Download from Google Drive 
>>>>Download from Google Play

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